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The Gatti-LX offers the ideal fusion of cost, style, and performance. Its elegant design and sturdy 48V/60 BLDC motor guarantee effective and environmentally responsible urban exploring. Its sleek look will make it stand out, and you'll find it easy to navigate metropolitan streets. Today, give your commute a makeover with the Gatti-LX!


  • Parameter Specification
    Motor Type 48 VOLTS
    Net Power 1900 WATTS
    Controller 24 TUBE
    Battery Type LEAD ACID/120AH/140AH
    Wheel Base 2075
    Seating Capacity 4+1 driver
    Tyres 90*90*12/3.75*12
    Brake Type DRUM BRAKES
    Front Suspension HYDRAULIC SHOCKER 43 mm
    Rear Suspension KAMAANI 6 PATTA
    Body Type SHEET METAL
    Unladen Weight 332
    Laden Weight 720


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