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E-Rickshaw Lithium Battery 

For the first time in the history of our manufacturing E rickshaw, so here at Gatti E-Rickshaw we launched ICAT Approved lithium-ion battery, we have launched lithium batteries as a better option which is both feasible in terms of prices and credibility. These Lithium batteries will be sold out with the E rickshaws on the same pricing as the Lead-acid batteries. 
Not everybody does know much about the advantages that lithium batteries bring along with them in terms of charging them frequently or how long do they last. They are low maintenance in comparison with the lead-acid batteries and ensures you with its best performance.

In India, mostly the lead-acid batteries are being used in the E rickshaw, from now onwards we at Gatti are keeping our best foot forward to provide you with the product that’s much more authentically reliable. 

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